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Sustainability sits at the very core of JIIJ. JIIJ shoes were born to give not take away. JIIJ shoes are PETA Approved Vegan.


Ensuring JIIJ was vegan was a natural fit, as this is a lifestyle our founder subscribes to already. Only up-cycled, ecological and environmentally friendly alternatives to animal leather are used to make our shoes. 





JIIJ shoes are made from FRUMAT patented apple skin leather. This fabric is produced from residual fibres as a result of industrial waste of the apple juice industry. For every kilo of apple skin leather, 5.28kilos of CO² is saved. 


JIIJ aims to continue its research and use of alternative materials as it strives to continually improve its manufacturing cycle.  


We worked hard with our developers to ensure that soles of our shoes are made with 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. While this is a big step within the footwear industry, we are working on getting this to 100% as soon as possible.





The entire JIIJ X DESSERTO collection has been produced in collaboration with Vegan Cactus Leather producer Desserto. This exploration of another alternative leather is evidence of JiiJ’s commitment to push boundaries despite difficulties.


Desserto Cactus Leather finds its origins in Mexico, and has been awarded for its similarity to animal derived leather. But what exactly makes it so special:


- Deserto Cactus Leather saves 1864.02% of carbon equivalent greenhouse gas emissions compared to animal leather, and 77.69% compared to PU synthetic leather.


- Deserto Cactus Leather saves 1646.50% of water compared to animal leather, and 190% compared to PU synthetic leather. Cacti require very little water and are rain fed.


- In only 14 acres of organic cactus plantation, Desserto can absorb 8100 tons of CO2 per year, which makes their farm carbon negative.





We’ve said goodbye to all the excess bits and pieces so we aren’t giving you more of what you don’t need or use. You can find your receipt, returns requests and anything else paperwork related on your email. 


Our shoe boxes are made from 100% recycled post consumer paper and no colours or inks were used to treat it.


The tissue paper used to protect and line the interior is FSC certified, acid free and printed with eco-friendly soy based inks. It is fully recyclable and biodegradable.


We developed our shoe bags to be both chic and durable. They were made to keep your shoes safe and allow you to enjoy them in pristine condition for longer. 


We are constantly working on opportunities to offer you products that are more sustainable, ethical and inclusive but don’t force you to compromise on any front, even if that means they cost us a bit more.