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JIIJ x Giorgia Ascolani for Launch Video Campaign



Giorgia Ascolani is a London based content artist who has worked with the likes of Missoni, Elder Statesman and Prada. When we came across her videos we adored how she brings worlds together, her collage style of design provides a multidimensional element that would allow us to express the world of JiiJ in one video. We brought together the era of the 70s that has led a large part of the inspiration for our designs but also the fact that we are currently at a critical period with the climate change and we need to act now. This video was the central video for the launch of JiiJ’s website.




The celebration of all people and all identities defines JiiJ. Pride month was therefore obviously an important moment for us. We brought together a number of key figures within the community (Tajzon, Declan Chan, Snake Ninja, Hugo Santos) and to ask them to answer a number of questions on their identities and how shoes and fashion have allowed them to come into their own. It was amazing to see the responses we had for this video and to realise that we are opening up a space for free conversations.