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At JiiJ we made a pledge that when we brought our brand into the world we would do whatever we could to raise up and expose the work of other creatives. We believe that the skills and talents of others enrich not only our products but also our brand. Collaborative conversations and projects give birth to new ideas and ways of behaving and thinking, we hope for our community, our collaborations are a source of inspiration and fun. 




We’ve had our eye on nail artist @leslydidthem for awhile now. The attention to detail you find in her work and the endless inspiration she takes from the world around her struck a chord. We commissioned a set of slug nails from Lesly to pay homage to the relationship our shoes have with nature. With JiiJ we are trying to create a circle, a rotation of materials and ideas. In our mind we pictured slugs sliding over the produce of a garden munching their way through the produce. The apple leather that our shoes are made from, uses the discards of the fruit from the apple juice industry. The biodegradable potential of the slug matches that of our shoes. The nails themselves remind us of blown glass, the freedom of the colours to melt into others and form their troughs and peaks. 


JIIJ x Emilija Zukauskaite for International Non Binary People’s Day


For International Non Binary People’s Day we commissioned a piece by Emilija Zukauskaite and called it “Non Binary Figures Wearing Eros Heels”. We are proud to say that JiiJ was a brand founded on fluidity. Whoever you are, whatever you might be or however you choose to define yourself, you have a loving, secure place with us and we will endeavour to do everything we can to support and elevate your voice and story. Emilija is an artist who lives her art, every project is a passion project driven by her emotions, this spontaneity is something we find inspiring and we can’t wait to continue working with her.


JIIJ x Wallice Ceramics “MINI APOLLO BOOTS” 


How cute are our little boots? They were designed by LA based ceramic artist Wallice Ceramics, and were made as a gifting initiative for our first customers. We loved the idea of providing a miniature of our shoes that could also live in your home. JiiJ is a brand about more than just shoes, it's about values and your identity and your home is often a depiction of exactly who you are. We want our customers to purchase our shoes because of, of course, the design but also that they feel at home and valued within the JiiJ community. Keep your matches inside and flip and ignite using the sole of our little boots. 


JIIJ x @floweirdy for the cover of "JiiJ Magazine"


Our newest collaboration features artist Elizaveta Litovka @floweirdy, who builds shoes from the objects of life and whose work has featured in Vogue, Dazed, I-D, Glamour and Elle. For us she investigated our apple leather and has created works that represent the apple's journey from fruit to our shoes. Pictured here as the cover for our ‘JiiJ Magazine’, the foot and the apple connect to form an apple tree. We loved this representation not only as the starting point from which we get our materials but also the idea that we are all creatures who need to be watered and nurtured to produce beautiful expressions of ourselves.