2 Black/Green Cactus Clogs / Pre-order
Black/Green Cactus Clogs / Pre-order

Black/Green Cactus Clogs / Pre-order

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The historic shoe is back and here to stay. With an elevated sole it’s ideal for anyone who needs a transitional shoe without comfort being at all compromised. Slip them on and off at a moments notice. Admire the cactus landscape that has been integrated into the design, a subtle touch to the materials used. 


Made from up to 30% Cactus residue and up to 70% Bio PU from a vegetal base, heavy metals free, phthalates free, solvent free and water based finishes only.


External fabric - Desserto Cactus Leather

Interior Lining - Desserto Cactus Leather Lining 


Packaging: 100% FSC certified 100% recycled paper boxes. Lighter frame to reduce shipping costs, which is better for us both. Please save or recycle after receipt of goods. 


This product will ship out from end of August 2022